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02/20/09 08:09 PM #57    

Missy Potting (Andersen)


02/22/09 07:47 AM #58    

Deanne Demulling (Meyer)

Just saw n the news last night and again this morning (on different channels - 11 and 5) a story about Mr. Vesperman. He is still in the hospital. His son Chris wanted him at the wedding so they got married at Regions Hospital so he could attend. He was in a wheelchair and wearing a respirator to regulate his breathing, but talking and appeared to be doing pretty well.

02/22/09 08:07 AM #59    

Tiffany Nelson (Regnier)

Here is a link for Kare11 for Vesperman:
Also on Kare11 was Greta's son Nick at the WILD game:
Hope these links work.

02/23/09 09:51 AM #60    

Deanne Demulling (Meyer)

I guess Mr. V is actually at Bethesda Hospital (a few blocks from Regions) and there was an article in the Star Tribne on Sunday in the local section about him and the wedding.

03/14/09 06:14 PM #61    

Sharon Lambert

Hi all. Hope all is well with everyone. It is going to be great to see all of you again this summer. It does not seem like 20 years has passed. Sharon

03/16/09 09:20 PM #62    

Karl Karis

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi! It is so great to be able to hear what everyone is up to. It is really hard to beleive twenty years have gone by. I am eager to see you all this summer.

03/30/09 11:41 PM #63    

Tiffany Nelson (Regnier)

Congratulations to Deanne & Tod ~ a boy: Evan Michael.

Update for Jason: he started his 4th kind of chemo and is scheduled to go back to the Mayo on April 15th, they will do another MRI, to check the tumor, it is still growing.

Just wondering what happened to Paul??? He hasn't posted anything for quite sometime :)

Take care,

04/10/09 01:20 PM #64    

Paul Smith

Hi Tiff,

Sorry I did sort of check out for a couple months, didn't I? I have to move this website up to the top of my Favorites, then I will remember to check in more frequently.

I have been continuing to read Jason's Caringbridge updates. He is a real inspiring person. We could all learn a lot from him - I know I am.

Live Life - Every Day!

Have blessed Easter everyone,

04/13/09 12:26 AM #65    

Missy Potting (Andersen)


05/03/09 09:49 AM #66    

Chad Monson

Hi Everyone.

Please see the homepage for reunion details. The sooner we can get the final list of attendees and dinner payment, the more successful the reunion will be. Thanks!


05/16/09 01:22 AM #67    


John Fehlen

Hello everyone. Just dropping into the site again after a long hiatus. We moved to a new state, had to get four kids into schools, find home, start new job, etc. etc.


I was trying to make the reunion date work but alas, it's a no-go for me. Bummer. I was getting amped about getting back and seeing everyone. But it's good to catch up on this stie and with facebook. Too fun. It's been awhile but it feels like it was just yesterday at the same time! It's odd to have 2 of my own kids in high school. Uggg. What happened?

Blessings - take care.

John Fehlen

05/21/09 09:58 AM #68    

Deanne Demulling (Meyer)

I just posted new picture of new baby in my profile if anyone wants to see him-- he is just over 7 weeks in the picture.

05/26/09 07:50 AM #69    

Paul Smith

Congrats Deanne! John, sorry you won't make it back.

Mr. V. update - he has transferred from Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul back to Osceola Medical Center. I stopped in to visit him, and saw his son Chris there too, along with Chris's two children. Mr. V has made a nearly full recovery from a difficult bypass surgery that nearly killed him. He expects to be sent home this week.

05/27/09 03:01 PM #70    

Patty Rodriguez (Moon)

Paul - thanks for posting the update about Mr. V. I'd been wondering if he was recuperating well.

Trine (Nielsen) - our exchange student from Denmark, is now on facebook under our class/year. I gave her the link to this site but don't know if she'll be able to post anything yet.

06/08/09 10:31 AM #71    

Paul Smith

Wow, Trine is someone I have not thought about in a long time. I can't check facebook at work, but I am excited to get home and look her up. Anybody ever in contact with Veronica Vranges? (Spelling?) Everybody should sign up for facebook!

I heard Rachel Potek had a baby girl last week and that they are coming home to visit Rachel's parents this week! Hope Rachel and baby are doing well.

06/10/09 12:35 PM #72    

Deanne Demulling (Meyer)

I actually spent Christmas with Trine and her family for about 10 days in December of 1991. It was really nice to be invovlved with all the traditions -- real candles on the Christmas tree, etc. I was doing a study abroad program in college. Ihad 6 weeks in Greece, 4 days in Istanbul then 6 weeks in Rome. I then had 1 month to run around with a Eurail pass. It seems like to long ago and things have changed so much since then especially regarding travelling.

06/14/09 05:56 PM #73    

Trine Nielsen (Hylle)

Hi everyone
Actually I tried to find some of you through facebook, but my yearbook was not anywhere to find, so I had no succes in finding anyone. Luckily Patty found me, thanks for that. Now I am looking all you guys up because I think it is very interesting and fun to see you and your families and what you are doing. I hope that everyone will post some pictures on their profile.
I would love to have attended the reunion and I actually started planning the travel, but it just does not fit in with work. I hope that their will be other reunions, 25 perhaps!
My year together with all of you have meant so much to me. I am actually using my experiences, knowledge about the american way of life, culture, language and so on very often.
Thank you Chad for this perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends.
I hope you all have a nice reunion day.
Have a great summer.
Many greetings, Trine

06/23/09 11:52 AM #74    

Gus Rud

Hi everyone,
It sure is nice to see what everyone is up to. Thanks Chad. I haven't really been able to talk to anyone for quite sometime and my parents told me about this site. I get all my news from them when they aren't in Arizona. Hopefully they will quit laying people off at my work so I can plan a trip and maybe make it for the reunion.

07/10/09 03:37 PM #75    

Dan Steffen

Not sure if this has been posted, but Jason Whittier (Tiff's husband) passed away this morning.....

RIP Jason.
God Bless Tiffany and the kids.

07/13/09 09:59 AM #76    

Deanne Demulling (Meyer)

Tiffany-- my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss.

07/14/09 04:04 PM #77    

Jahna Jacobson

Tiffany - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you and your kids are doing OK. - jahna

07/15/09 01:32 PM #78    

Paul Smith

I attended Jason's funeral along with Dan, Tanya, Angie, Heather and Missy yesterday. We did not get much chance to speak to her, but I am glad to report that Tiff and the kids are holding up well. We know that Jason is in a better place now. I am still amazed at his strength, will power and fortitude that were on display over the last 8 years as he battled his tumor, "Spiney Norman" as he called it, again and again. Tiffany has been so strong as well, holding everything together for her kids, it is simply amazing. I admire you so much, Tiff. I wish you never had to experience this trial, there is no understanding why this had to happen to your family. But you have perservered, you have grown and become stronger. I am sure that you will easily handle any challenge life ever throws your way in the future. God bless.

I have mentioned how inspirational Jason's writing was on his CaringBridge website. I decided to sample some of his words here, in case you never got the chance to read's Jason, writing last December 15, one week after his third brain surgery:

I just can't wait to see were this ride takes me next! It's kinda like my "spirit dream" I had. Brittany and I were looking at these relaxation cd's that I got. I like the native flute ones, one was called spirit flute and she kept calling it spirit dream, so she said something about me having my spirit dream. This was before my surgery and stuff last week. And by gosh I did have a spirit dream heres how it went. I was at the peak of the Himalayas and on one of those old tabogans and I was sliding down, right on the edge of the mountain, snow was flying all over and it was like a scene from Indiana Jones or Ice Age or something, twenty seven thousand feet, that would be a long sled ride. Anyway I must have had someone riding with me, they were behind yelling in my ear saying "you might has well jump off now, we will never make it, You might has well quit while you can" and I remember looking down the mountain and there was this long curvy trail that went on forever and it looked pretty rough but everytime the guy would suggest that we jump I would tell him that I was going see were this trail took us, I said "I am going to ride this sucker right to the end". That was my dream and I could probably explain every image in it and why it was there, but I think from that moment on I re-affirmed that no matter what "I am riding this sucker right to the end!"

Jason, you rode that sucker. God bless you, and in Jason's memory, give us all the strength to take our own toboggans back to the top for another run while we have the chance on this earth.

07/15/09 03:00 PM #79    

Patty Rodriguez (Moon)

Well said, Paul. Jason's journals were inspiring to me as well and showed real dignity and courage.

07/18/09 08:37 AM #80    

Tiffany Nelson (Regnier)

Thank you to those who came to Jason's visitation/funeral and for all the support from everyone. The last 11 weeks have been very difficult. 10 of those Jason was in the hospital or nursing home. The kids and I are coping pretty good.
I attended Jason's class reunion last night, I liked hearing the stories about him.

07/26/09 04:14 PM #81    

Trine Nielsen (Hylle)

Dear Tiffany
I am really sorry to hear that your husband has passed away. My warmest thoughts goes to you and your children. I agree very much with Paul's letter that you must have (and is) experiencing the most difficult time of your life and now things can only get better from now on.
I wish you all the best and think of you a lot.
A big hug from me,

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