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08/11/09 07:31 PM #82    

Jon Foster

Hello to all.

Tiffany, I want to say that Kim and I are very sorry to hear about Jason. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

I wanted to also remind everyone that we need to get everyone to pay that is going to the reunion. Our number of tickets sold is down, compaired to the number of people attending. (assumming that most people are bringing a spouse or friend.) This is the final week so if you see someone that is attending, tell them to purchase there tickets ASAP. Spread the word, and keep the messages rolling. See you all next Sat!

08/11/09 07:32 PM #83    

Jon Foster

Just to clear any confusion, I will see you all on Sat. the 22nd!

08/13/09 11:04 PM #84    

Scott Carlson

Hey all,

It has become a busy time of year and time to get back into reunion mode. Everyone was so excited about it a year ago when all the planning started. We need to get it back going now! I know a lot of you have been talking on Facebook, but let's get it back going on here for the next week. I, too, am guilty of being a reader of the site and not taking the time to post.

I have talked to a few that are interested in golfing Friday afternoon/evening, in Osceola, or just meeting for a while after dark. I know of a few that can't make Saturday, at all, that may be interested in a little get together at the clubhouse (or anywhere after dark)to catch a few old memories or laughs. I would be willing to set up some tee times if some are interested. Thinking after three should work. Anyone interested in clubhouse talk, I believe it will be dark around eight or so, by then. Or you can be there whenever you want, too. I do go out of town this weekend, so I will respond to anyone Sunday or Monday. We have our final planning meeting scheduled for Monday night.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible! My, how time flies!! Seems like yesterday we were excited just to be able to vote!

08/15/09 11:41 AM #85    

Paul Smith

Golf Friday night - count me in!

I may not be around much for the Oakey Park festivities on Saturday - my daughter has a soccer tournament in Lindstrom.

08/16/09 02:33 PM #86    

Jahna Jacobson

I am so sorry I won't be there - I hope everyone who attends will take tons of pictures for those of us who are unable to make it!
While you are all enjoying yourselves and catching up, I'll be stocking up on ice and non-perishable food items. Stupid hurricanes - keep the Panhandle in your prayers.

08/17/09 11:10 PM #87    

Scott Carlson

We have 5-7 interested in golfing Friday afternoon, so far. I will call for two tee times for around 4:30, to start with. By the way, definitely do not need to be experienced golfers by any means! I average one round of golf per year, in the last ten years. (funny thing, my oldest is almost ten) So, if you want to join us, let me know. Spouses are certainly welcome. Call my cell if that works better. 715-417-0785 Pass the word. Make some phone calls. This is the only means of contacting anyone on this. It wasn't scheduled.

08/18/09 08:25 PM #88    

Patty Rodriguez (Moon)

Although I won't be able to make it, it sounds like a lot of fun, Scott. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

08/19/09 07:40 AM #89    

Paul Smith

Aww right, Roll Call! Who we gonna see this weekend, who's sending regrets?

Cool...I got post #89!

Eighty Nine!
Eighty Nine!

Ever the geek...

08/19/09 09:57 PM #90    

Scott Carlson

Well, plans have changed for Friday night. We aren't going to golf. The lack of interest and the fact that most were changing other plans of some sort to make it work. So, we have decided to leave it all to Saturday. Sorry, Paul. But, count me in on the roster! We have a few locals not coming Saturday. Everyone make some phone calls to get them to come. See you all then.

08/20/09 12:42 AM #91    

Missy Potting (Andersen)


08/20/09 03:58 PM #92    


John Fehlen

Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I too extend my heart condolences and prayer for Tiffany and her family.

I am bummin' about not being able to make it to Osceola this weekend. I've been seriously trying to juggle my schedule even at this last minute to come over but go. I'm in Montana right now speaking all week and then I fly right to Portland and drive over to a venue with minutes to spare before I speak for the next week - including this Saturday. I just did a count of the summer and realized that since Memorial Weekend I've been living out of a suitcase and in various states for 50 total days. Crazy time.

But I will be thinking of you all and wishing I could be hanging for our 20th. It would be sweet to see how different yet how similar we all look.

So...enjoy. If anyone thinks of it - say hello and greetings from me.


08/21/09 10:30 AM #93    

Paul Smith

What are you, John, a rock star these days?

Ah well, too bad about the golf. The last time I golfed was at our last reunion, so you know it is not like I am crazy about golf. Probably going to get stuck at work late today anyway.

See you guys tomorrow!

08/23/09 05:13 PM #94    

Jahna Jacobson

Can't wait to see some photos! Are any going to be posted on this site?


08/24/09 10:22 PM #95    

Jon Foster

Hello all,

I just wanted to say I had a blast Sat night, I think everything went very well. From Oakey Park to the food, band & Fat Boys after party! I hope everyone made it home safely. I will try and post some pictures and see if i can get the video slide show online.

Thanks to all who participated.

08/24/09 10:44 PM #96    

Scott Carlson

I, too, had a really great day on Saturday. It was fun to see everyone that came out for the day. It all went way too fast.
A BIG "Thank you" to Jon F. and Chad M. They were the big behind the scenes guys that made it all come together. We all had some part of it, but they were a huge asset. Nice to see a whole class come together as we did Saturday night.


08/25/09 10:05 AM #97    

Dan Steffen

What a great time!!!! Thanks to Chad for putting this site together, and to the rest of the committee for doing a heck of a job. Fallen Angel was an added bonus!!! I'm betting there aren't a whole lot of class reunions that have a band with the lead singer dressed in the Ol' Football Uni...good stuff!!!

08/25/09 01:07 PM #98    

Greta Orest (Vidrine)

Thanks to Chad, Jon, Scott, Missy and everyone else for all your time and hard work putting the reunion together!!! It was a blast! I had so much fun visiting with everyone! And Fallen Angel was a bonus! Too bad we have to wait another five years for the next one! :)

08/31/09 11:48 AM #99    

Trine Nielsen (Hylle)

I wish I could have been there, it sounds as if you all had a good time. I will definitely do my best to attend next time, if I know it well in advance. I am looking forward to see some pictures.

08/31/09 02:50 PM #100    

Dawn Cochrane (Hanson)

Thank you everyone who was on the comm.for putting on a great reunion. It was great to see everyone!! My ears are still ringing from the band.

09/01/09 12:43 AM #101    

Patty Rodriguez (Moon)

Yes, you guys did a great job putting this all together - Thank you to everyone who made it happen!

09/14/09 08:34 PM #102    

Gus Rud

I just came back to the site and heard about your loss. My wife and I wanted to say that our prayers are with you.

10/23/09 02:10 PM #103    

Paul Smith

Hey Everybody,

How's things? I hope everyone is getting better weather where they are, compared to the rainy stuff we have been getting in Osceola.

All is good here. My Vikes are 6-0 with this old QB we found on the scrap pile. Gotta love that.

Osceola Football won last night and are in the playoffs. Osceola Boys Varsity Soccer (yes, we have such a team these days) won the conference and are doing well in the playoffs. My daughter is running Cross Country, but has no chance of making it to state. But she has had a fun season. We are starting basketball season soon...

The fun never stops!


12/22/09 10:39 PM #104    

Jahna Jacobson

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year's, Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, to everyone! Here is to a better year in 2010.

We're starting off the year here with some new ventures and a new job for me, yay! Part time graphic design, because I can't give up the sweet freelance dollars. Or the sweet freelance working-in-pajamas-and-doing-whatever-I-darn-well-please 24/7.

So, much love, joy, good health and prosperity to everyone in the new year! Despite all the Smiths I listened to in high school, I feel a strange sense of optimism.

Jahna & company

04/07/10 01:58 PM #105    

Paul Smith

Hello all,

Karah Holle lost her Mom this week. Judy passed away on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010. She was 66, and had battled Leukemia for about 6 weeks. I think she fought it with all her might, but in the end, the battle was too great.

I doubt many, or any, of you will see this prior to Friday, but there is a memorial Open House Friday April 9, at West Immanuel Church, from 4 - 8 PM.

Rest in Peace, Judy.

09/03/10 07:34 PM #106    

Greta Orest (Vidrine)

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to post something here for those not on Facebook.  If you are a "Facebooker", please look for our group page (Osceola High School - Class of 1989).

We are getting together informally at the Beer Garden at the Osceola Community Fair on Saturday, September 11th, 2010.  Start time is 8 pm but I'm sure some of us will be there earlier!  We've decided that if it rains or the party gets too big, we will head up to the Boulevard in Dresser and continue the merry-making there!

Hope everyone can join us! Have a great...and safe...Labor Day weekend!


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